Divorce is messy, complicated emotionally exhausting. Even if we have a healthy self esteem, the divorce process and aftermath can always be improved with giant helpings of self love.

Self love is the mindset that our worth is enough, to want to treat our mind, body and soul with kindness. Often as part of a marriage or family unit, we are used to and conditioned to putting others first, our spouse, children or family. During and post divorce, unless you are Hercules, your psyche and self worth will take a little bruising, these simple tips implemented, on a daily basis, can get you to the place of self love quicker.

  • Treat your body nutritionally nicely. Haven’t we all used break-ups, or sadness as an excuse to wallow in french fries, ice cream or alcohol. Although momentarily satisfying, they leave your body feeling, tired, unwell and if alcohol actually more depressed than you were pre that bottle of Pinot. If you feed your body kindly and nutritionally responsibility, your body and in turn mind will feel clearer and happier, you may also inadvertently get a killer post divorce body in the process.


  • Try to move, whether exercise, or a walk on your lunch break, some fresh air and a change of scenery can only increase your oxygen levels also making you think and feel better.


  • Simple but effective and a tip I use with my clients. When you are brushing your teeth in the morning, say three kind things to yourself. If you have ever seen the experiment where plants are bullied or spoken kindly too, you will see why this is so important. Daily affirmations work! I am gorgeous, I am smart, I am worthy. I have great legs, lips, bum whatever it is…compliment yourself daily.


  • Try each day to do take time for you. It is not selfish, think of when you fly, they always say oxygen masks on you first then help those around you. Same applies in divorce, you can’t be a good Mom, Dad, boss, employee or friend if you don’t take a few minutes or hour each day to do something for you. Could be nightly bath, a trip to the gym, a meal out, a nice pair of shoes. You deserve to be happy, make sure your actions match your mindset.


  • Lastly do things you want to do. I think too often after divorce we actually will be afraid to appear to have fun, go out, to have moved on. To be happy. So the last self love tip, is its OK to choose happy, it may not be possible every day, but as a divorcee, you owe no one an explanation, and no one should make you feel like you are not allowed to choose happy.


Pretty simple list, so go out there and do it, a new happier life awaits, but like all progress in the our worlds, it all starts with you!

Tiffany Ann Beverlin

CEO/Founder Dreamsrecycled.com



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