What We Want vs What We Need

It’s an exciting adventure to step out and embrace who we are. We become giddy at the idea of fulfilling our every whim, jumping at each twinge of pleasure and seeking to fill our hearts.

But what is truly needed in these moments of pure impulse? Love and deep connection to knowing. What is truly needed is an awareness of why you are doing what you are doing. Have you given full, conscious thought to your choices or you are acting on impulse?

Don’t get me wrong, acting on impulse can be exhilarating and spontaneously worthwhile. Acting on every impulse creates an imbalance in our lives that distorts the value we receive from our adventures and choices.

Bring greater value into your life by stepping into a deeper understanding of your choices. Not every choice requires a weighty decision process. But every choice can be imbued with consciousness and awareness.

Conscious choice breaths depth into our lives and leaves us feeling fulfilled. We won’t doubt why we made our choices and whether it’s what we needed or what we wanted. The whole idea of what we need and what we want becomes trivial once you realize that each choice, made consciously, is a step guided by our hearts and necessary for the continuation of our joy, happiness and authenticity.

We are given the opportunity in each choice to realize who we are. We are given the opportunity to know our own hearts. Doubting whether it’s what you need or what you want is an indicator that you are out of touch with your heart. Get in touch with your heart and realize that you know exactly what you need. And if you’re head and ego get out of the way, you will also realize that it’s exactly what you want!

Because what you want is what you need the closer you are to your heart. Get into closer alignment with the center of who you are and see that the two are one and the same.

Each option that you need becomes the option that you want. And you’ll want it and need it because it’s a choice that fulfills you from your soul and heart, up and out. It fills you with joy and happiness. You begin to overflow with happiness.

You don’t need validation from others to help in your decision making process, because you’ve consulted your heart and know the truth of your decision. You know it is right for you. You won’t need to explain yourself to others; although, you may have a desire to. You won’t need to explain yourself, because you will know deeply and truly that what you’ve decided is true.

Support from others isn’t necessary. While it is always nice to constantly consult those around us in every step we make, grand or minuscule, the closer you are to your heart the greater the realization that you are the decider, the knower and the provider for all you will ever need.

It may be entertaining to discuss with others, but let it remain simply that: entertaining. In playfulness and for the pure experience of life. Explore your avenues of choice with others. Explore the topic of need versus want – in playful curiosity. Then return to your heart with a deep, solid knowing that you will make the right decision, because you have fully acknowledged your hearts desires, removed your ego from the equation and allowed truth to surface.

Be clear in your intentions and your heart will clearly guide you. Be not afraid of its guidance. Be present with its purpose and your desires will be fulfilled. Fear not its persistence and allow it to persist. Keep with yourself for you alone know the deepest truths of your heart. Keep with yourself and trust your heart to know what is right for you.

There is no debate about what is needed versus what is wanted. This is a debate of the ego. How could your need and want be different unless you are in your ego, fighting for something other than what your heart desires?

In your heart, your needs and wants are in pure, true alignment. Align and you will see the truth of this. Be there with your heart, just for a moment, in the morning or evening, and allow it to reveal itself to you. Be present with yourself more often and allow yourself to be guided in all that you do.

A heart driven life is guided by your highest and truest self. There is no question about the direction of your path when you sit back and allow your heart to lead. Be heart driven.

Paula Jones



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