What it’s Like To Have a Relationship With a Narcissist

What is it like to have a relationship with narcissist? Do narcissists feel empathy and does it show in their relationships? Can narcissists be happy if they are not the center of attention? This post will explore what narcissism looks like from both inside and outside of a relationship. We will look at how narcissists behave towards their partners, what you can do when your partner is being narcissistic, and ways that you might know if your partner has some traits of narcissism.

When narcissists are in a relationship, they typically have trouble feeling empathy or reciprocating affection. They might be happy but not if it means spending time away from the spotlight at all times. Narcissistic relationships usually revolve around what narcissists want and need instead of being based on mutual love and respect like other healthy romantic partnerships.

If you see your partner narcissistically overcompensating for their insecurities, being excessively concerned with status and money or taking credit for other people’s work it might be a sign that they are narcissists. If this is the case make sure to surround yourself with supportive friends and family members because narcissists can get violent when threatened or try emotional abuse to put you back in line ***

At the beginning of your relationship you may have thought the narcissist was the most perfect person for you, from their ability to love bomb and also act how you need them too in the honeymoon phase. Pretty soon though you will have noticed the narcissist is not who you thought they were. No one is perfect and perhaps you had not encountered one before or you didn’t know they even existed.

-It was hard to see how they could be so different from the person I loved in the beginning, but it wasn’t until somebody pointed out their narcissistic characteristics that I realized what was going on. It’s not easy telling someone about their behaviors due to shame and the fear of judgment from others.

The worst behaviors of a narcissist are the following: narcissism, self-centeredness, excessive need for admiration and attention (adulation), sense of entitlement. They are not able to empathize with other people’s feelings in the same way we can because they lack empathy; narcissists see themselves as above others so they have no problem hurting them or taking advantage of their kindness, even with their spouses. Spouses of narcissists have often spend years in their marriages being verbally abused, belittled, berated and systematically having both their identity and value stripped from them. It is no wonder it is so hard for people to exit these unhappy and unhealthy unions.

A narcissist is also know for isolating their spouse from friends and family, because narcissists can’t stand the competition. They want their spouse to be all theirs so they will do everything possible to keep them away from social opportunities that could make them feel good about themselves or provide a healthy alternative for a support system.

This is why it’s important if you’re in an unhappy marriage with someone who is a narcissist to make a proper plan to leave that includes a safety plan and the support of your friends or family. You may also want to reach out to a therapist or life coach specializing in narcissism to get the support you will need, if you leave.

Many men and women successfully leave their narcissistic partners and go on to learn how to disengage and create a new more positive life a future healthy relationship.



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