The Power Of Yes!

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Opportunities for incredible things seem to open themselves up when you open yourself up! How do you open yourself up? Simple… say “yes” more.

Saying that three letter word isn’t always easy, though. “Yes” requires you to take action, to possibly jump out of your comfort zone and to commit! “No” is much easier. “No” doesn’t ask you to change anything about your life or do wild, new things. When you say “no,” you literally have no chance of being hurt and no chance of failure. “No” is safe. “No” is relaxing. “No” also means no chance of growth and success.

When we open ourselves up to brand new experiences, we are inviting a life full of rich memories to be made. All of my best stories have started when I was hesitant to do something. I know that the more I want to really say “no” to something, the more I know I really should say “yes”!

When I had the opportunity to travel to Japan, I made a decision to only learn the word “yes” (Hai). Learning “no” didn’t interest me because I didn’t want to shut myself out of new or even uncomfortable experiences while traveling there. Japan was my trip to go completely out of my comfort zone… and it was one of the most memorable travel experiences I’ve ever had. I said “yes” to eating squid guts and live octopus. I said “yes” to a spirited game of Russian roulette with one mysterious sushi roll on the plate filled with too much wasabi (I lost by the way). I said “yes” to staying out all night with a couple people I met in Tokyo. I even said “yes” to wearing a pink dress at a bar, because apparently the person who orders the drink I asked for was required to wear one. Without refusing to say “no,” none of this would’ve happened. To this day, I say “yes” as much as I can, and my life is richer for it.

Challenge yourself. For one week to say “yes” any time you feel like really saying “no.” See what kind of great memories you can make.

Travis Barton

Life Coach



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