Only Direction In Life to Move is Forward!

Life by it’s very nature ebbs and flows, it has moments of high speed progress, a good portion of steadfast advancement but also at times can have some very stagnate times. I hated being stagnate being in that separation stage ,in the getting divorce stage it lasted 4 years really felt more like 40 years. The waiting the unfinished feeling of being semi free but not really free. Of being some how halted by things out of your control. Life I have always believed is meant to be lived in the present looking straight ahead and focusing on the future. We should try as much as we can to progress in all areas of our life, in our health we should be striving for a healthier diet and lifestyle, for our mind we should be constantly evolving our thoughts and dreams and educating ourselves continuously on the world around. For our heart, our hearts especially should be evolving our wants, our desires our needs. It’s often said a reason for divorce is people growing apart. The good part of that statement is at least they both having been growing, moving forward evolving into hopefully better happier people. The sad part is obviously in the process they grow in different ways. Is this wrong? I don’t think so I really believe that life should be appreciate, cherished, and we should on our journeys be true to ourselves and follow our own paths that ultimately make us happy. But that’s selfish I hear you say, well no it’s not when I read people emails I received on the phrase resonates over and over, “I’m not happy”. Truth is if you aren’t happy in your self or in your current relationship, you can’t possibly be making your partner or spouse happy. I have never heard anyone say yes my spouse doesn’t really want to be with me, doesn’t love me,  cheats on me but I’m so happy! They equally deserve to be happy and loved also it’s a two way street. I had recently a conversation with someone and they said I don’t care if he doesn’t want to be with me I want to be with him anyway. On hearing this my head internally com-busted. Why does anyone want to be with anyone who doesn’t want to be with them? There are 7 billion people in this planet we all in some ways are replaceable (no matter what Beyonce sings). Why does anyone want to be with someone who constantly cheats, uses or shows them by their actions they don’t really want to be with you? These people I think have not only horrible self esteem issues, but they are also addicted to being stagnate, they want the same, whether it’s bad even, they don’t think of opportunities, chances, changes as a great positive thing, they think of them as horrible time of negative change.

I love movement, I love the possibilities of what the future holds, I love day dreaming about the millions of options and opportunities that lay ahead waiting for me or that I can make for myself from working towards them. I think it’s a mind set, I think that if you struggle with this that there are ways to redirect your thoughts and attitude towards embracing movement even loving it as I do. If you want to move forward decide how and start today, we all have the power within us to do this, baby steps is still progress you may not get there fast but you will still get where ever you want to be in life just keep moving forward!

If given a chance -take it!

If given opportunities-seize them!

When moving forward- its always better to enjoy than resist the ride!


Tiffany Beverlin




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