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Coming out of a relationship can mean so many different things to people. I tend to look a little more on the positive sides. I do however acknowledge that for some it does take time to get to a place where you feel comfortable in being “ single. “ I guess a lot of that depends on who ended the relationship and why. I can honestly say that I have had my heart broken ripped out and stomped on however through the sadness and loss I can now look back and see where in the long term it would never have worked. It’s important to be at peace with your past before evening thinking about another relationship. What lessons did you learn from your previous relationship, what behaviours need to change.

As a Law of Attraction coach I help and teach people how to bring good things into their lives using these principles. Honestly, you really can have anything you desire you just have to believe it. When it comes to manifesting a partner in your life I know about this first hand. So I want to share some things that I have learned along the way.

First of all I need to say that you don’t always need a partner to complete you. I really do believe it’s so important to find you again. If you have come from a long term relationship it’s so easy to lose your sense of self. My ex husband was a classic example of this. When we met I was 19 and he was 23. I became his whole world and eventually over years he lost touch with many of his close friends. When our marriage ended I was surrounded by support and encouragement and unfortunately he didn’t have many people to turn to. I was able to be happy with my life without him, I had my children, amazing friends, a good job, a roof over our head. I made sure I had quality time with my kids, quality time alone and time with friends. It`s important to love yourself and love your life first and foremost. Like the old saying goes “ How can you expect someone to love you if you don’t love yourself.

So I`m sure you are wondering how do you attract or manifest a new relationship? I also need to tell you that it doesn`t always happen the way you expect it to.

  • The very first thing is to write a list – A list of the qualities and traits you want in a new partner. You need to be very specific.
  • Make room for you new partner – If you tend to sleep in the middle of the bed move over choose a side. This allows room for someone else.
  • Clear out an entire side of your wardrobe – again this is telling the universe you are ready to share your space.
  • Be thankful for everything that you do have – make a point of saying thank you every day. Plus it just makes you feel good.
  • Buy a journal and write down what you want in present tense as though it is already here. ( This goes for anything you want this principle can be applied to a new home, car, new job etc.
  • ie: I am so grateful to have my partner in my life, we are so happy together, thank you.
  • The most important thing I can say if focus on what you have and what you want because when it comes to The Law of Attraction or The Law of Love what you dwell on is exactly what you attract.
  • If you start thinking about the things you don’t have it actually pushes that particular thing away from you.

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  1. Debbie

    Such an honest and inspiring post about the Law of Love! I hope to read many more blogs like this here! Thank you! x

  2. Stephanie Lin

    Lovely post, Carol, and really wonderful tips. I’ll share with my single friends who are ready to invite someone into their life. Thank you!

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