How to Lose It All (Your Kids, Money & Peace)… Guaranteed

Mens guide for state to state divorce laws.

Divorce is complex, emotional and taxing for all involved, often we are caught up in the heartache and forget that we actually have power in knowledge to guide us through this difficult journey.

For some of us our exes are against us. Some of the courts are too. And many guys completely kill our chances in court by not doing a little homework before it’s too late. Don’t get me wrong – choosing a good lawyer (who’ll tell us the best path and not overcharge) is critical. But that isn’t enough. Not knowing our state’s divorce, custody and child support laws guarantees to drain us emotionally, financially and lose it all.

Why will knowing the law help me? Why “waste the time”?

Well, if you disagreed in your marriage, you’ll disagree in separation/divorce. Every decision you make in this process will shape the rest of you and your kid’s lives. Studies show that knowing THE BASICS of your state’s divorce, custody and child support laws raise your odds of success by 45%. It’ll also save you thousands in the process. A little reading makes you someone your lawyer can’t dupe AND makes you and your lawyer a dream team that’ll be harder to beat in court.

Each state is different, so I saved you 23 hours of looking for your own state laws. Each state is summarized and includes a link to your detailed version. It doesn’t take much effort to even the playing field and NOT lose it all. Here’s a link to the download –

J. Alfa Mais



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