It can be really hard to share honestly your relationship and divorce issues with friends and family members. We either feel judged, or not understood or perhaps we just don’t wish to be that free with our personal information with those so close to us.

I remember during my divorce feeling very alone, even though friends and family members tried their best in the divorce support area, they couldn’t relate and didn’t really know what to say or do to help. I later in my journey realized the key to great divorce support is to find other divorcees or those in the same situation as you to vent to. It is the reason behind DreamsRecycled a place built by divorcees for others going through this difficult journey.

The power of sharing open and honestly your questions, stories and fears is invaluable to all who are navigating divorce. People are always shocked by all divorce entails, from the financial, legal, house moving, child custody and emotional upheavals. It is all encompassing and throw on top of that trying to heal from a broken heart you can easily see why the right kind of support is so vital to your journey.

I have never met a divorcee who wasn’t willing to listen to and support another divorcee. There really is something to phrase “a problem shared is a problem halved”. Reach out to other divorcees and you will quickly see you are not alone on this journey and life really does have a lot to offer. While divorce isn’t an easy path we definitely can help our selves by utilizing the resources out there, there is something really empowering when you hear other peoples stories of triumph after divorce. Divorcees go on to remarry, have children, travel, start new companies, change careers, climb mountains and a million other things. Life can be anything you make it!

Here are some of our favorite places to get divorce support is a great resources for anyone who wants to meet in real life with other people who share their stories, their passions or hobbies. It is also a great place to find people to try new things with, whether its rock climbing, cooking classes, new restaurants concerts or just strictly divorce support groups, meetup has a great array of groups to join. obviously we here a little bias, but online divorce support is 24/7 and as we never know when we will need to read a positive story, share our break up tale or just vent, dreamsrecycled offers a safe and uplifting environment for us all to find someone to relate to and become friends with. At Dreamsrecycled we may not know your name but we all share your story.

Reaching out to other divorcees you know may seem daunting but divorce is a club no one wishes to belong to but once you do belong to it, you will find a new commonality with anyone you know who was previously divorced. We all have acquaintances, other parents, co workers who have been divorced, asking those around you for advice and support is something we all need to work on doing. You will be amazed at the support and comfort found in just realizing your aren’t alone.

Church and other religious organizations often offer in person divorce support groups. These often run in 12 week cycles and cover a lot of the emotional support areas we need during and after divorce. Check with your local churches for schedules.

Whatever and  where ever you choose to get your divorce support, always remember that the divorce community is a great group of people, who truly understand what you are and will go through and are there to help.

Tiffany Ann Beverlin




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